Bovine Colostrum History

The Origin of Bovine Colostrum

“If you want to read the future, you have to turn the pages of the past.”

André Malraux

Andé Malraux

Natural, original and exciting. Bovine Colostrum is everything but ordinary!

Colostrum is nature’s oldest recipe, being as old as motherhood. It is thus not surprising that the positive influence on mental and physical performance of colostrum was discovered not by us, but much earlier.

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Where did Colostrum originate?

More than a thousand years ago, it was already used in India as a liquid food “for physical and mental well-being”. Today, however, first milk in India is reserved for the wealthy.
The Americans also recognised the effect of first milk early on. Thus, it was already used as a “natural antibiotic” for regeneration during the American Civil War.
In ancient Egypt, colostrum was considered a gift from the sun god Re. Ingestion was reserved for pharaohs and the high priests.

In ancient Greece, colostrum was the source of performance for athletes. It was ingested with food, supplied nutrients and energy to the organism, which was supposed to increase the athletic performance of the athletes.

As early as the end of the 18th century, the physician Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland, personal physician to Goethe and Schiller, described the different effect of colostrum to usual breast milk. He recognised the positive influence of colostrum on the health status and the enormous growth of newborn cattle. So he prescribed colostrum and used it as a remedy for his patients.
In 1955, colostrum again came into the focus of research. A publication on “immune milk” as a food supplement for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis was published. As a result, the components of colostrum were specifically investigated. It was confirmed that mammals breastfed by the mother were significantly less likely to suffer from allergies and infections. It also led to greater appetite and faster growth than in non-breastfed mammals. In the same year, colostrum was also rediscovered in America as an anti-inflammatory.

“Colostrum is not a miracle cure, it is not sacred. Or such that one is only allowed to talk about it in whispers. It is neither new, nor mysterious, nor experimental. Colostrum is the origin.”

Bovine Colostrum in the Present

Healthy balance with LacVital™ Colostrum.

“More than the past I am interested in the future, for in it I intend to live.”

Albert Einstein

Who hasn’t experienced this? A cold is coming on, our stomach is churning, we are tired and all we want to do is sleep. Environmental influences, pollutants, the insufficient supply of nutrients and daily stress wear down our nerves and our body.

In order to increase our resistance and compensate for existing deficits, our body needs a balance.

We can breathe again! Nature offers us this balance in the form of colostrum.

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Pharmacist reads colostrum ingredients

Bovine Colostrum Ingredients

The variety and high concentration of vital substances in the colostrum that cows give in the first 5 days after calving have now been documented and proven by scientists all over the world.

Many years of research have shown that the important components found in cow colostrum are almost identical to those found in human Colostrum – but in much larger quantities and much more concentrated.

Why higher and more concentrated?

The calf – unlike the human infant – is born WITHOUT its own immune protection. Bovine Colostrum is therefore THE crucial food to protect against viruses, bacteria and other infectious agents. It is now known that calves have hardly any chance of survival without this important first food.

In order to make the cow Colostrum usable for the human organism, to preserve and conserve the valuable nutrients, it requires a precise production process. This is where contemporary technology comes into play.

A particularly gentle and elaborate production process makes it possible to filter the natural Bovine Colostrum and prepare it for us as a highly concentrated foodstuff.

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So that our health – today and in the future – does not become a guessing game, but we can say with certainty:
It is good for me.