Bovine Colostrum Ingredients

Bovine Colostrum Ingredients – A powerful force

Bovine Colostrum contains more than 400 nutrients and vital substances in a naturally balanced combination. A truly unique food raw material. Here we present the most important ones:

Colostrum Ingredients IgG 30 Seal

What does IgG 30 mean?

The so-called immune factor indicates the concentration of immunoglobulins in colostrum. IgG stands for type G immunoglobulins – 90 % of the immunoglobulins contained in it belong to this type. The number 30 indicates that bovine colostrum ingredients contain 30 times as many immunoglobulins as human colostrum.

Colostrum Tropfen

“Each active substance in colostrum has its own task in the body. But only together they can work holistically.”

Daniel Shawn of Iron Magazine

Bovine Colostrum Ingredients – What is in Bovine Colostrum?

What’s in a cow’s first milk has been carefully tuned by nature, through a long process of evolution, to the needs of new life in need of protection to ensure a safe and healthy start.

Its ingredients protect us from harmful effects and put out fires when there’s a fire.

They have a special significance in colostrum with regard to a stable immune defence. They offer superior defence protection and destroy pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Toxins are neutralised and they are of great importance for anti-inflammatory and cancer defence.

The immunoglobulin content found in the first milk is by factor 100 higher compared to normal cow’s milk. This means that an immensely high concentration of passive immunisation is added to the organism through colostrum.

These colostrum ingredients build up, provide energy and help us out of the crisis.

As vital protein building blocks for cell metabolism, essential for the rebuilding of healthy cells in the body, they provide energy. The optimal supply of amino acids also counteracts concentration problems and low moods. In addition to physical functions, they therefore also strengthen psychological stability and mental fitness.
Colostrum contains the entire range of vital amino acids – non-essential and essential, i.e. those that the body cannot produce itself. The amino acids are the same in cattle and humans, but the concentration is many times higher in cow colostrum.

These ingredients support our athletic performance and refine our complexion.

The colostrum ingredients contain a high proportion of growth hormones and the highest concentration of the growth factor IGF-1 found in nature.

Growth factors influence cell metabolism, stimulate cell reproduction and stabilise muscle, bone, cartilage tissue and tendons. Increased performance and muscle growth with simultaneous reduction of fatty tissue are positive effects of natural growth factors.

Cell regeneration and accelerated healing after injuries are associated with growth factors. Their role in ageing processes is also being scientifically researched.

They keep uninvited guests away.

In interaction with vitamins, they act as cell protection against aggressive free radicals, which are considered a risk factor for the development of cancer.

The ingredients of cow colostrum look after our well-being and build us up.

They ensure a regulated metabolism. The vitamin B complex in particular has a positive influence on the nerve fibres, counteracts states of exhaustion and stress, and also promotes blood formation and rapid recovery after illness.

Colostrum provides balance in place when needed.

This immune factor contained in colostrum also has a crucial role as a regulator of the immune system. With regard to autoimmune diseases, in which the body attacks the body’s own tissue as if it were foreign, PRP seems to be able to inhibit the overreaction of the immune system. Reports of therapeutic success range from flu-like infections and allergies to rheumatic diseases and MS.

It guarantees safe delivery and peps us up.

The iron-binding protein is responsible for the transport of iron in the body and is thus vital to ensure that the substance can be utilised in the body. It is also an effective antioxidant that fends off the harmful effects of free radicals. In addition, it is a highly effective broad-spectrum antibiotic and anti-viral agent, which gives lactofferin a crucial role, as pharmaceutical antibiotics are not known to work against viruses.

These colostrum ingredients ensure that everything runs smoothly and is used where needed.

Their primary function is to protect the immune and growth substances in colostrum from being digested as they pass through the stomach and at the entrance to the small intestine. They also prevent Helicobacter pylori bacteria, a known cause of gastric ulcers, from attaching to the stomach wall, thus ensuring that the effective ingredients are optimally utilised.

These colostrum ingredients keep you on track and advocate for goals.

They are made up of interleukins. They regulate the duration and strength of the immune reaction and are thus responsible for the exchange of information between the cells. They enhance the activity of the T-cells that fight against viruses and antigens and regulate the activity of the lymph. They stimulate the production of immunoglobulins and have a strong effect against viruses.

Bovine Colostrum Production

Folowing its extraction, the colostrum is gently prepared and processed into LacVitalTM products. Strict laboratory controls and gentle processes guarantee a high-quality, pure product.

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