Colostrum Production

Nature is perfect! So why change anything about it?

The question is justified, because with colostrum, nature offers us a unique food raw material that man cannot improve.

Dr. med. vet. Franz Starflinger sums it up in one sentence:

“The natural combination of amino acids, immunoglobulins, natural growth factors, minerals and vitamins can never be produced in a laboratory.”

Colostrum manufacturing process of LacVital™

We – LacVital™ – do not want to and cannot improve Colostrum!
But there are two rules that our company precisely follows and implements:

Preparing colostrum as a food for us.

This is because the raw colostrum from cows is not suitable for human consumption due to its high content of fat, high-molecular proteins and other impurities.

Create colostrum products that preserve the unique nutrient content.

The specially developed extraction process used to prepare colostrum is fundamentally different from conventional manufacturing processes, giving better results in the effect of colostrum as a food and as a nutrient.
Facts of the extraction and processing of Colostrum LacVital™ products.

Our colostrum is…

  • extracted within 24 hours of calving – as this is the time during which it has the highest nutrient content.
  • only released after checking for any residues (e.g. antibiotics)
  • gently purified from unwanted components (including fats, high-molecular proteins, germs) using newly developed biophysical processes.
  • decaseinated: The result is a clear liquid with a high content of nutrients that are present in readily available form. These can be absorbed directly by the intestine without going through a digestive process in the stomach.
  • Processed throughout production without the addition of chemical agents to retain all nutrients.
  • Preserved and sterilised according to pharmaceutical standards by cold sterile filtration.
  • Gently freeze-dried and thus processed into powder.

The Result

LacVital™ is a gently produced immunoregulatory complex from the natural raw material colostrum. The Colostrum Serum products LacVital™ have the highest quantity, extraordinary nutrient combination in natural-physiological ratio.

Nature is perfect. We cannot make it better. We preserve it!

The Origin of Colostrum

“Quality before quantity” applies to the basis of all LacVital™ products, the colostrum extract.
Quality assurance already starts with the cow. Because even if most cows look pretty similar to our eyes, that doesn’t mean that their colostrum is of the same high quality.

There are about 12.8 million cows in Germany. We don’t know them all by name. But it is reassuring and crucial to know where the cows come from, how they are kept and the quality of their colostrum, which is used for LacVital™ products.

Already in the run-up to extraction, important questions must be answered:

Which cows are they?
Registered “grass cows”!

Where do the cows come from?
From Germany and Austria

How are they kept?
In controlled farms

Is the first milk free from chemical substances, such as antibiotics?
Yes, free of any residues

When is the colostrum collected?
Within 24 hours after calving, when the nutrient content is highest.

Is the calf’s milk stolen?
No, the calf is sufficiently supplied. LacVital™ is only made from surplus first milk.