Colostrum Serum Cure pack


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  • Package Size: 6 PET-bottles á 125 ml, PZN: 5895906
  • Pure serum from defatted and decaseinated first milk (colostrum) of the cow.
  • Free from preservatives
  • Lactose-reduced
  • Contains, among other things, immunoglobulins (=antibodies), amino acids, vitamins.

Pure serum made from degreased and decaseinated cow’s first milk (colostrum), cold-processed, sterile-filtered. Contains milk components and traces of lactose.

Application / Storage2024-06-25T13:52:56+01:00

In the morning on an empty stomach 10 ml of the Colostrum Serum and if needed in the evening 10 ml directly before going to bed. Mix with cold drinks (fruit juice, water or milk).

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