• Beestings

    Health (to the power of 2)
    The best comes…

    in the beginning!
    Colostrum (lat: beestings) is the scientific name for the first milk of mammals.
    The mother produces this colostrum in order to provide the newborn optimally for the first days.

    • Stabilizes and boosts the immune system
    • Protects against germs of the environment
    • and secures the survival.

    With such a responsibility, it is quite natural that colostrum is unique in this combination and concentration. No substance – neither herbal nor chemical – has this variety and concentration of ingredients.
    Optimized by nature in thousands of years, colostrum offers a complex system of immune substances:

    • Vitamins, natural growth factors, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, immunoglobulins as well as immune regulators.

    They are in a perfectly controlled correlation.

    Colostrum – that’s not just any randomly individual elements cobbled together – but a complex system of active agents delivered by nature itself in a coherent balanced combination.
  • Immune defence

    There are 1000 diseases and 1 health.

    This is like David against Goliath! Naturally, our health needs a strong ally for this imbalance: our immune system.
    Because it is our immune system that decides whether we feel good or bad. It decides on health and disease.
    Daniel G. Clark, MD. puts it in a nutshell:

    “Killer number 1 in today’s world are immunological disorders”.

    This sentence makes unmistakably clear how enormously important an intact immune system is for each of us.
    Nobody of us likes being sick. We want to be healthy, we want to support and strengthen our immune system!
    So let’s start to understand and find out what it needs:

    Our immune system is a highly complicated and complex tool of organs, cell types and molecules. It is our own biological defence system.
    It is of great importance for our physical wellbeing because we are constantly exposed to detrimental influences of the busy society, which put a strain on our bodies.

    Every day, our immune system deals with

    • Bacteria, fungi, toxins
    • Harmful environmental impacts
    • Pollutants from the air and ground
    • Stress
    • Mismanagements in our bodies
    • Malnutrition
    • Misbalance of vitamins, minerals…

    Unfortunately, our immune system does not always manage to keep the ‘inner balance’.
    Attacks from the ‘outside’ and the shortage of essential nutrients block the metabolism, its energy household and the entire immune defence.

    Once our immune system is weakened, there is not only the risk of infections but possibly also of allergies, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

    Important for the human organism, a working immune system as well as a harmonious interaction of all processes in our body is the correlation of vital agents!
    The biological harmony is significantly more meaningful than extremely high individual amounts of substances. Do not forget: quality always comes before quantity.
    Colostrum thus plays an important role where our health care is concerned because this extraordinary food has a holistic effect:

    • With colostrum, the human organism does not only receive separate healthy elements, but a complex system of agents necessary for a stable immune system and a strong immune defence.

    • Natural immune-strengtheners, growth factors and the perfectly balanced amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids care for a balance in the body since they are in a completely adjusted relation to one another.

    • Colostrum supports the natural immune function and enables our body to protect itself against negative effects of pollutants and allergens.Colostrum ensures an ample stabilisation of health and activates the self-healing powers.

    • It has a positive impact on our wellbeing and growth. Thus an increase of our physical and psychological fitness can be attained.

    • Colostrum stimulates a weak immune system and soothes an over-reacting one.

    All these factors operate in complete synergy in order to maintain or restore our health.

    It is impossible to protect ourselves against all impacts from the outside and we will not avoid every disease. We can however – and this is the reassuring part – take an ally on our side that strengthens and supports our immune system: colostrum.

  • Resource

    A powerful troop

    In colostrum, more than 800 nutrients and vital substances are related to one another in a naturally balanced way. A really unique food-resource. Below, we will introduce the most important ones from the team:

    • Craftsmen and ministers.
    Vitalize, care for energy and help us out of the crisis.

    Physicians also call them amino acids. They are vital protein building blocks for the cell metabolism, important for the reconstruction of healthy cells in the body that provide energy. The optimal uptake of amino acids also counteracts concentration disorders as well as depressions. Besides physical effects, it is also responsible for psychological stability and boosts the mental fitness as a consequence.
    Colostrum contains the entire chain of amino acids. All essential and non-essential amino acids, which are vital to the human organism, can be found in colostrum. ‘Cow-colostrum’ proves to be especially effective for human beings since amino acids in case of cows and humans are identical and thus able to have an optimal effect. In addition, the concentration of ingredients is many times higher for cows than in the case of human pre-milk.

    • Warriors.
    Protect us against enemies and quench fire if it is burning.

    Physicians also call them immunoglobulins (=antibodies). They have a particular significance in colostrum with regard to a stable immune defence. They offer an outstanding defence protection and destroy germs like viruses, bacteria and fungi. Toxic substances are neutralized and are of great importance when it comes to anti-inflammatory effects and cancer defence.
    In comparison to normal cow’s milk, there is a factor of 100-fold potentisation of immunoglobulin content contained in first milk. This means an immensely high concentration of passive immunisation is added to the organism by colostrum.

    • Fitness trainers and cosmeticians
    Support our physical fitness and care for our complexion.

    Physicians also call them growth factors. They have an impact on the cell metabolism. They stimulate the cell proliferation and thus reach a basic stabilisation of muscle-, bone-, cartilaginous tissue and sinews. Also performance increase and muscle development with a simultaneous reduction of the fat tissue are among the positive effects of natural growth factors. The natural regeneration of cells and accelerated healing after injuries come along with it. Furthermore, growth factors with reference to the aging processes are in scientific focus.
    Besides a high amount of natural growth hormones, colostrum also contains the growth factor IGF-1 in the highest concentration found in nature.

    • Watchmen.
    Keep unwanted guests at bay.

    Physicians also call them minerals. In the interplay with vitamins they act as cell protection against aggressive free radicals, which are seen as a risk factor for the development of cancer.

    • Do-gooders.
    Care for our wellbeing and vitalize us.

    Physicians also call them vitamins. They care for a regulated metabolism. Particularly the vitamin B-complex has a positive impact on the nerve fibres; counteracts exhaustions and stress and stimulates the formation of blood and the quick recuperation after diseases in addition to that.

    • Referee.
    Cares for balance at the sports field, if necessary.

    Physicians also call them PRP proline-rich polypeptides. Even these immune factors have a decisive role as regulator of the immune system. With reference to autoimmune diseases, where the body attacks its own tissue, as if it was a stranger, PRP seems to be able to block the overreaction of the immune system. Reports on therapy successes range from common colds via allergies through to rheumatic diseases and MS.

    • Postman and nurse.
    Guarantees the secure delivery and cockers us up.

    Physicians also call it lactoferrin. The iron-binding protein is responsible for the iron transport in the body and thus cares for the usability of this substance in the body in the first place. It is also an effective antioxidant, which wards off the harmful effect of free radicals. Furthermore, it is about a highly effective broadband-antibiotics and anti-virus agent, which gives a decisive role to lactoferrin, since pharmaceutical antibiotics do not act against viruses as is generally known.

    • Security and signpost.
    Care for a peaceful procedure and that everyone finds their place.

    Physicians also call them glycoproteins. Their very first function is the protection of immune and growth substances in colostrum against being digested with the passage through the stomach and at the entrance of the small bowel. They also prevent that helicobacter pylori-bacteria, which are known as the cause for gastric ulcers, deposit themselves at the wall of the stomach and thus care for the optimal usability of effective components.

    • Newsreaders and resistance fighters.
    Keep up to date and speak up for objectives.

    Physicians also call them glycoproteins. Their very first function is the protection of immune and growth substances in colostrum against being digested with the passage through the stomach and at the entrance of the small bowel. They also prevent that helicobacter pylori-bacteria, which are known as the cause for gastric ulcers, deposit themselves at the wall of the stomach and thus care for the optimal usability of effective components.

    “Each active agent in colostrum has its own function in the body. And it is only together that they have a holistic effect.”


  • Potential

    Please not again another magic cure!

    This sentence frequently enters our heads.
    And that’s not even surprising. There are a variety of compounds available on the market.
    It is normal and important that we are sceptical.
    We want numbers and data and what’s even more – we want scientifically proven facts:

    • Strengthening of the immune system
    • Support of healing processes
    • Increase of physical and mental fitness
    • Increase of the entire well-being
    • Slowdown of the ageing-process

    All these are scientifically documented and proven effects of natural colostrum products.

    Clinical research * has shown that the growth factors in colostrum can help our bodies to:

    • Accelerate and regenerate the normal growth of aged or hurt muscles, bones, cartilages, skin-collagen and nerve cells

    • Repair the vital DNA and RNA

    • Increase our ability to concentrate

    • Heal burns, surgery wounds, skin injuries and inflammations of oral mucosa with external application

    • Burn fat for energy in spite of muscle tissue during fasting and reduced diets, to build and maintain slender muscles

    • Control infections and pains which go hand in hand with sensitive teeth and tooth treatments

    • Regulate the ‘good mood factors’ in the brain, like endorphins and serotonins

    Studies have shown the unique ability to support normal cell growth, cell repair and the healing of traumas. All of us consist of cells, for this reason colostrum will work wherever cells are affected, damaged or in danger.
    Colostrum is neither a medicine nor is it able to heal. However, and that’s the most important and scientifically proven part: colostrum contains agents made by nature, which – individually or in a certain combination – have a positive impact on certain symptoms or are even able to avert them.
    For the first time there is a product with a natural, significantly complementing combination of all vital substances available – named colostrum.

    The variety and high concentration of vital substances in colostrum are unique!

    Nature is perfect. Humans cannot improve it.
  • History

    „Whoever wants to read the future, must flip through the past.“

    André Malraux.

    Natural, original and exciting! Colostrum is anything but ordinary!

    Colostrum is the oldest formula of nature because it is as old as maternity. Small surprise that the positive impact on the psychological and physical effectiveness of colostrum has not actually been discovered by us, but in fact much earlier…

Even more than a thousand years ago, it was used as liquid food ‘for the physical and mental wellbeing’ in India. However, in the meantime pre-milk is reserved only to the wealthy ones in India.


    Americans also recognized the effect of pre-milk early on. So it was already used during the war of the North and South as ‘natural antibiotics’ for regeneration.


    In Ancient Egypt, colostrum was considered a gift from the sun god Re. The intake remained reserved only to Pharaohs and High Priests.


    In Ancient Greece, colostrum constituted the power source of athletes which provided them with energy. It was ingested via food and provided the organism with nutrients which were to increase the athlete’s sporting performance.

    Germany and Europe.

    The physician Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland, personal doctor of great writers such as Goethe and Schiller, also described the varying effects of colostrum in contrast to conventional breast milk at the end of the 18th century. He recognized the positive impact of pre-milk on the state of health and the enormous growth of newborn calves. So he prescribed colostrum and used it as a cure for his patients.
    It was in 1955 when pre-milk came again to the fore of research. A publication on “immune milk” as food supplement for people who suffered from rheumatic arthritis was published. Subsequently, colostrum and its ingredients were specifically investigated. It was confirmed that mammals that have been breastfed by their mothers have a considerably lower risk of being afflicted with allergies and infections. Furthermore, they are more hungry and grow quicker than non-breastfed mammals. In the same year, colostrum was also rediscovered as antirheumatic agent in America.

    “Colostrum isn’t a magic cure, it is not holy. Or in such a way, that we are only allowed to talk about it behind doors. It is neither new nor secret, nor experimental. 
Colostrum is the origin…


  • Presence

    The future interests me far more than the past, as I intend to be part of it.

    Albert Einstein

    Who doesn’t know the feeling? A cold is coming up, your stomach is turning, you are worn out and the only thing you want is sleep.
    Environmental impacts, pollutants, the lack of nutrients and the daily stress are wearing us out, both mentally and physically.

    In order to strengthen our powers of resistance and compensate existing deficits, our body needs a balance.

    We can breathe again!
    Nature offers us this balance in form of colostrum.

    The broad range and high concentration of vital substances in colostrum, which cows give during the first five days after calving, have meanwhile been proven and documented by scientists from all over the world.

    Many years of research have shown that the essential substances, which are found in cow-colostrum,
    are almost identical with those in human colostrum – although in much larger quantities and in a much more concentrated form.

    Why is that so?

    Calves – in contrast to human infants – are borne into the world WITHOUT an immune protection of their own.
    Therefore , colostrum is THE DECISIVE nutrition to protect against viruses, bacteria and other
    infections. Meanwhile, it is known that calves do not have any chance of survival without this important initial food.

    In order to make cow colostrum usable for the human organism, to preserve the precious nutrients and to conserve them, a precise manufacturing process is necessary.

    This is where modern technology comes into play.

    A particularly gentle and elaborate manufacturing process makes it possible to filter the natural colostrum and develop (make) it into highly concentrated food for us.

    So that our health – today and in the future – is no longer a guessing game and we can say with certainty:

    It makes me feel good.


We make it available for you!

Nature has a system.

Nature works.

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