• Origin

    Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all?

    Tall, 4 legs, spotted fur, long eyelashes and a rough tongue:

    This is how you would more or less describe the appearance of a cow. Right?
    But even if most cows are optically quite similar, it doesn’t mean that the colostral milk they produce is identical.

    The formula of colostral milk made by nature distinguishes itself by an optimal profile: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, immunoglobulins and growth factors.
    It is necessary to maintain and obtain this unique combination.
    That’s why the following applies to the colostrum extract for all LacVital™ products: quality comes before quantity.

    The quality of colostrum therefore begins with the selection of the source: the cow.
    In addition to that, the time of the production of first milk is of decisive importance.
    Because the special active ingredient of first milk reduces by about 40 % as early as the second day and reaches “0” on day 5.

    Which is why important questions are already necessary beforehand:

    • What kind of cows are they?
    • Where do the cows come from?
    • How are the cows kept?
    • Is the first milk free of chemical substances, such as antibiotics?
    • When is the colostrum obtained?
    • Is the milk stolen from the little calf?

    Here the answer must clearly be:

    • Registered ‘grass cows’
    • From Germany and Austria
    • In controlled farms
    • Free of residues
    • Extraction within the first 24 hours after calving since the active ingredient is the highest then
    • No, it isn’t. The little calf is sufficiently provided with colostrum: LacVital™ is only obtained from the surplus first milk.

    There are about 12.8 million cows in Germany. We don’t know all of them by name.
    But it is reassuring and important to know where the cows come from, how they are kept and what the quality of their colostrum – used for LacVital™ Products – is like.
  • Production process

    Nature is perfect! So why change anything?

    This question is justified since with colostrum nature offers us a unique food-resource
    humans cannot improve.

    Dr. med. Dr. med vet. Franz Starflinger puts it in a nutshell with just one sentence:

    “The nature-given combination of amino acids, immunoglobulins, natural
    growth factors, minerals and vitamins can never be produced in a laboratory.”

    We – CPI – don’t want to and cannot improve colostrum!
    But there are two rules our company precisely adheres to and implements:

    Preparing colostrum as food for us.
    Due to the high content of fat, large molecular proteins and other contaminations, the raw colostrum of cows is not suitable for human consumption.

    Creating products that contain this unique active ingredient.
    The particularly developed extraction procedure for the process of colostrum essentially differs from
    conventional manufacturing processes whereby the effect of colostrum as a food and active agent show better results.

    Facts of the extraction and processing of colostrum LacVital products.

    Colostrum is:

    • Obtained within the first 24 hours after calving.
    The early extraction is important, since the active ingredient is at the peak then.

    • Only released after control of possible residues (e.g. antibiotics)

    • Freed from all undesired components (fat, large-molecule proteins, germs and others) by means of newly-developed gentle and biophysical processes

    • After degreasing, it is de-caseinated. This way, a clearing of the liquid and a high active ingredient in the final product is secured. The ingredients are found in ‘free form’. That is a huge advantage since the gut absorbs the ingredients directly without the stomach having to digest it. The consequence: a clearly quicker perception of the desired effect.*

    • During the entire production, chemical substances and preservatives are dispensed with so that the colostral agents remain bioactive

    • Preservation according to pharmaceutical standards by cold sterile filtration. It is thus free of all kinds of germs.

    • Turned into powder by a gentle lyophilisation process. The temperatures are below 40 ° Celsius during the entire process since lots of agents would already be destroyed from 42° Celsius onward.

    • Treatment according to the guidelines of DIN ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP

    The result:

    LacVital is a gently produced immune-regulatory complex from the natural resource of colostrum. By quantity, the colostrum-serum products LacVital show the highest extraordinary active substance combination in a natural physiological relation.

    Nature is perfect. We can’t improve it. We preserve it!

    Der letzte Satz ist mir leider schleierhaft. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie der ursprüngliche Text hieß.
    Mfg Millrath

  • 40° C – the difference

    Ever washed your favourite jumper at 90°C?

    Completely shrunk, deformed and absolutely useless.
    This would be the sad result.

    What does a washing cycle have to do with LacVital™ Colostrum, you may ask yourself?
    Well, that’s actually very simple:
    If we heat something too much, it loses its original form and its benefit.
    It is exactly the same with the production of colostrum. The gentle treatment is of great importance,
    because only this way the vital substances of colostrum can be preserved.

    Usually, colostrum products are offered in powder form. For this purpose the fat is removed and subsequently the colostrum is processed at at least 72° Celsius. After that the pulverisation by means of spray drying at up to 180°C takes place.
    In the process of this, the limit temperature is widely exceeded. The colostrum is highly heated for preservation, i.e. exposed to temperatures of over 42°C, pasteurized or added with preservatives.
    This way, the valuable components of colostrum suffer sustainable damages or get irrevocably lost!
    LacVital™. The fine difference:

    Production below 40°C

    • The manufacturing temperature of Colostrum LacVital™ Products is below 40°C during the entire process.

    • Colostrum LacVital™- Serum is preserved by means of cold sterile filtration.

    • The extraction of colostrum powder is carried out by means of elaborate, gentle freeze-drying of the sterile filtrated Colostrum Serum.

    • It is done completely without heating methods for preservation and the addition of preservatives because only this way the valuable vital substances can be preserved.

    Do you switch on the gentle wash for your favourite jumper?
    So why not rely on the appropriate temperature also with reference to your health!
  • Applications

    Our alphabet has 26 letters. Put together they add up to a lot of annoyance!

    A – like allergies
    B – like burn out
    C – like chronic pain…

    The list of diseases is much longer than our alphabet.
    Acute pains, chronic diseases, sports injuries and alarming diseases like cancer.
    Colostrum LacVital™ is not a medicine and Colostrum LacVital™ cannot heal. However, and this is the most important and scientifically proven part:

    The natural agents contained in colostrum are like an alphabet of ‘correct letters’. Together they have a positive impact on certain symptoms or are even able to prevent them.

    The agents in colostrum are extraordinary.
    Thus it is understandable that even the areas of application are enormous.

    • Immune weaknesses – all infections
    • Immune weaknesses – all infections
    • Allergies – like dust, pollen, food, animal hair
    • Neurodermatitis
    • Allergic asthma
    • Psoriasis
    • Acne
    • Cancer
    • Joint diseases
    • Gastro-intestinal sufferings
    • Preventive medicine: flue and cold, herpes, all inflammations
    • Chronic pain: fibromyalgia, polyneuropathy
    • Sports injuriespost-operative care
    • Rheumatism
    • MenopauseCare of the elderly
    • Autoimmune diseases, such as MS, CED, Psoriasis, Hashimoto
    • Burn out syndrome

    • Let us write our own alphabet:

    E – Like exhale!
    H – Like health
    W – Like wellbeing
  • For whom?

    Want to bet that we all have something in common?

    Children, women, men, young, old, sick, healthy, sportsmen, thinkers, vegetarians.
    We all have something in common? Of course: we are living.

    And life brings along quite a few things

    • We are stressed.
    • We are exposed to environmental impacts.
    • We are surrounded by pollutants.
    • We do not always eat well.

    Our body is always busy with balancing these deficits and burdens.

    Sometimes it works but not always.

    This is where Colostrum LacVital™ is used.


    • Is a gently produced immunoregulatory complex of natural colostrum.
    • Contains active substances made by nature, which have a positive impact on our health both individually or in their natural combination.
    • Stabilizes and vitalizes. Particularly in times of extraordinary physical and psychological stress it is a valuable co-worker for a regulating metabolism, a reliable component for a healthy immune system and immune defence.
    • Effects a stabilisation of the immune system when submitted to chemo and radiotherapies.
    • Contains substances which give optimum care for the skin from the inside and provide for a fresh and clear complexion.
    • Increases life quality.
    • Stimulates the body’s own self-healing powers.
    • Is free of preservatives.
    • Does not have any side effects.


    Colostrum is suitable for people of every age. It is a healthy and modern supplement.

    For you and me and all of us!

  • LacVital™ studies

    Results create facts.

    Nature created a formula of colostral milk which distinguishes itself by an ideal profile: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, immunoglobulins as well as growth factors.
    A variety of international investigations come to the conclusion that the ingredients have a positive impact on the immune system.

    Even the Institute for Scientific Evaluation of Naturopathic Procedures at the University of Cologne has carried out tests and investigations dealing with the effect of colostrums.
    The research was done with biotechnologically prepared cold sterile-filtered colostrum by the CPI GmbH, Colostrum LacVital.

    The studies and series of tests illustrate that great significance can be attached to CPI colostrum in the sector of health care.

    The studies and reports are expert information.
    Here you will find a summary of selected studies:

    Prof. Dr. J. Beuth Institute for Scientific Evaluation of Naturopathic Procedures at the University of Cologne

    Research on the anti-oxidative and immune-active capacity of colostrum extract.


    •CPI colostrum supports the immunological reactions.
    CPI colostrum is a strong antioxidant.

    (Free radicals are highly reactive oxygen compounds built in the body. They develop increasingly through
    UV radiation, chemicals and pollutants in the air. In excess they produce cell damages and are regarded as co-responsible for the ageing process and also brought into connection with the development of lots of diseases. The body’s own defence system establishes a protection through free radicals. However, it is not always able to stand all attacks. A healthy diet with foods that are rich in antioxidant substances is thus considered an effective prevention of heart as well as circulatory disorders securing the support of the defence system).

    Prof. Dr. J. Beuth Institute for Scientific Evaluation of Naturopathic Procedures at the University of Cologne

    Experimental test of the induction of cell proliferation and cytotoxicity by colostrum extract.

    Colostrum contains growth factors. Thus the question is justified if they are not only able to build up and renew ‘healthy cells’ but if they are also able to stimulate the cell growth of cancer cells as well. CPI Colostrum Products International has thus commissioned the Institute for the Scientific Evaluation of Naturopathic Procedures at the University of Cologne to carry out investigations, which have investigated the effect of Colostrum LacVital on the cell growth (particularly of tumour cells).


    • CPI colostrum does not stimulate the cell growth of cancer cells.
    • The risk in the area of cell growth (particularly with tumour cells) can be excluded.
    • CPI colostrum is not cytotoxic.

    (Some chemical substances, such as medicine, viruses or antibodies have the ability to damage tissue cells. This is called cytotoxicity. This damage can also happen by means of cells of the immune system, these cells are known as natural killer cells, cytotoxical T-cells).

    Report Dr. med Dr. med vet Franz Starflinger

    Food optimisation with colostrum extract
    as measure for cancer patients in conjunction with therapy.


    • Significant improvement of the lymphocyte subpopulation in terms of a diet optimisation with LacVital.
    • Significant improvement of the physical load and state.
    • Reduction of disability times.

    (Results of the two-year observation of 46 breast carcinoma patients who have undergone adjuvant chemotherapy).

    Case study Dr. med Dr. med vet Franz Starflinger

    On the effect of LacVital Intimate Milk (Aufbaumilch) with colostrum against vulva diseases


    • Significant result improvements with therapy-resistant vulva diseases, already after 4 weeks.
    (It was found that local vulva care with LacVital Intimate Milk (Aufbaumilch) and Intimate Washing Lotion show an outstanding measure of intimate care for women from 55 onward and even in young women suffering from unspecific vulvitis).

    Raymond J.Playford, Wendy S. Johnson Christopher E. Macdonald

    Colostrum and milk-related peptide growth factors for the treatment of gastrointestinal dysfunctions


    • Reduction of intestinal infections
    Stimulation of intestinal repair

We make it available for you!

Nature has a system.

Nature works.

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  • CPI Höchste Qualität seit 1997

    Seit 1997 entwickeln und produzieren wir unter dem Markennamen LacVital™ hochkonzentrierte Colostrum- Produkte und zählen somit zu den Pionieren im Bereich der modernen Aufbereitung der Vormilch-Erzeugnisse. CPI ist einer der beiden Anbieter weltweit von Flüssig- Colostrum.