Manufacturer of high quality Colostrum since 1997

The company. Who we are, what we do.

CPI is a EU-registered company and producer of colostrum products.
Since 1997, we have been producing highly concentrated colostrum products under the brand name of LacVital and thus rank among the pioneers in the area of modern preparation of colostrum products.

CPI is one of the two providers worldwide of liquid-colostrum. Employees are working at our headquarters, at our laboratory and at the plant in Simbach am Inn. CPI is in close contact with research facilities, such as the University of Cologne and London and is constantly investing in research and development.

LacVital™ Colostrum is distributed via pharmacies, in cooperation with physicians, clinics and non-medical practitioners.

The management. The heads behind it.

Michael Achenbach und Dr. Dr. Franz Starflinger, managers.

Dr. Dr. Franz Starflinger: “My longstanding experiences as practising physician and the exchange with more than 1000 satisfied patients have strengthened me in my conviction to employ LacVital™ Colostrum preventatively and in addition to therapies. The close cooperation and intensive exchange with other medicals and research facilities enable the systematic and optimal utilization of the special active agents.”

Michael Achenbach, leader development and production: “Even today – after 16 years of experience in the area colostrum – I am working on opening up new horizons for health on a daily basis. We utilize the power of nature and the origin of the original food colostrum by integrating the highly concentrated colostrum into modern LacVital™ products.”

Our aim:” Establishing LacVital™ Colostrum as healthy and modern perfection to our diet. Not only for us – but for everyone.

Image on the right:
Michael Achenbach, Development & Production.
Dr. Dr. Franz Starflinger, Research & Studies.

The laboratory. the factory. Where does LacVital™originate?

The implementation of highly sophisticated technology as well as the demands met in the area of quality-and hygiene management (HACCP-system) result in highest product quality in the laboratory as well as in the plant in Simbach am Inn.

For all LacVital™ Colostrum products we exclusively use the colostrum of registered cows and controlled farms in Germany and Austria. Only after the exclusion of residues and contaminations, colostrum is released for production. This way, we ensure the necessary pureness of raw-colostrum.

The subsequent, gentle cold production process below 40°C essentially differs from traditional methods of production. The result are LacVital™ Products with the quantitatively highest active agent combination in a naturally physiological relation.


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