Positive side effects? Here they are for free!

Most of us are sceptical about the expression ‘free of charge’, right?
After all, what is really for free today – particularly when health and wellbeing are concerned?
There is a quick answer to that: because apart from the main effect – to stabilize and strengthen our immune system, to preserve our health and even prevent certain symptoms – colostrum offers the extra portion of beauty, performance increase and wellbeing.

Because who of us would not like to…
• Reduce one or the other smaller wrinkle as well as the ageing process of our skin?
• Bring our body a little more in form and build up flabby muscles?
• Burn fat without running a daily marathon?Avoid spending months on the bench after a sports injury?

The positive side effects are for free since they are already elemental in colostrum!

Muscle development

For sportsmen, body builders and fitness enthusiasts, especially the growth factor IGF 1 is of importance. It is contained in colostrum in the highest concentration found in nature. It prevents the protein degeneration and stimulates the glucose transport in the muscles. Here the efficient nutrient uptake leads to cell reproduction and to a growth of muscles.

Daniel Shwan from Iron Magazine: “In short: IGF-1 is the most important growth factor for muscles in form of anabolic peptides. Contained wherein? In Colostrum.”

Performance increase

The high amount of natural growth factors in colostrum leads to cell reproduction and thus to a stabilization of muscle and bone cartilage and conjunctive tissues as well as sinews. This stabilisation and the strengthening ensure extensive injury and affliction free training and competition possibilities leading to more training units and higher resilience. This inevitably results in the increase of performance in competitions.

According to a study by the University of Australia, a group of racing cyclists and footballers were given colostrum for 8 weeks. The test persons were more powerful by demonstrated 20 %.


During the course of years, the skin is losing its key functions, which are important for a juvenile appearance. The natural growth factors, amino acids, vitamins and immunoglobulins in colostrum can balance this loss by providing the skin with the necessary components. Furthermore, the growth factors stimulate the tissue to even continue building these reanimating hormones itself.

Studies have shown that colostrum-creams significantly increase the skin solidity (by 22 % in 8 weeks), skin circulation (by 26 % in 8 weeks) as well as skin thickness. During this period, even the wrinkle depth could be decreased by 25 % and the wrinkle thickness by 32 %.

Regeneration after sports injuries

The natural growth factors in colostrum have an influence on the cell metabolism so that the cell reproduction is stimulated. Muscle, bone and cartilage tissues and sinews are stabilized leading to a quicker healing after injuries.

Sportsmen of all disciplines confirm that regeneration times have even been shortened in case of hard training units, and muscle pains are said to have declined drastically even at maximum heart rate. On the other hand, stress tolerance and the ability to concentrate have increased.


The natural growth factors in colostrum lead to a burning of fat instead of muscle tissue for energy during fasting and the reduced diet. The growth factors build and maintain slim muscles.

The muscle development is accompanied by a decrease of the fat tissue and weight reduction also in terms of moderate physical activity.


Colostrum contains a perfectly balanced amount of immune and growth factors, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All these factors act in perfect synergy in order to maintain, produce and build up our health.

This and the positive side effects like: muscle development, anti-aging, fatburning, concentration and performance increase lead to the fact that we feel better. And what could increase our life quality better than a totally good feeling?

We make it available for you!

Nature has a system.

Nature works.

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